Department of Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to creating and maintaining safe and inclusive spaces on campus for all students, faculty, and staff of Colorado State University. The department sponsors various on and off campus events and activities that promote diversity training, inclusive storytelling, and policy changes to create a more accepting and positive campus culture.

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Axel Foor

My name is Axel Foor and my pronouns are they/them. I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Zoology and hope to work in either domestic rescue or with a veterinary clinic after my time here at CSU. As the Deputy Director of Diversity and [...]

Erin Vargas-Gutierrez

My name is Erin Vargas Gutierrez. I was born in Mexico City, Mexico but grew up in Denver, Colorado. I am currently double majoring in International Studies with a concentration in European Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Global Politics, I am also double minoring in French and Legal Studies. As the Director [...]

Inclusive Excellence Committee

The Inclusive Excellence Committee (IEC) was established to give a voice to underrepresented populations on campus, and provide a specific committee to address social justice and bring legislation to senate to better all students of Colorado State University.

Application for Deputy Director of Diversity

We are currently accepting applications for our Deputy Director of Diversity & Inclusion position. Please refer to the job description below and the application here.

Job Descriptions

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Deputy Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusion