Department of Finance

As we are 100% funded by student fees, we are fully committed to maximizing return on investment for the student body. The Finance Department controls all aspects of the ASCSU budget and manages accounts payable/receivable for the organization. The Finance Department is also responsible for granting student organizations capital to host professional development and diversity events through “BSOF” (Board for Student Organizational Funding) as the Director of Finance is also the chair of BSOF. We provide budget analytics and forecasting assistance to directors as well as BSOF-sponsored organizations. If you would like to find out more about the Finance Department or BSOF, please direct your inquiry to the address below.

Email this department:


Job Descriptions

Director of Finance


Assistant Director of Finance

Application for Funding

Send a member of your organization to Officer Orientation. Information on becoming a registered student organization and the Officer Orientation schedule can be found here.

  1. Any amounts under $3000 required 10% co-sponsorship
  2. Any amounts $3001-$7000 required 20% co-sponsorship
  3. Any amounts $7001-require 30% co-sponsorship

**We encourage you to provide as much co-sponsorship as possible so the board can sponsor more events.

Get a member of your organization PCARD trained. The PCARD training page can be found as link here.

Contact the Director of Finance for Presentation (

  1. Create event on Ram Link
  2. Fill out paper forms

Email Director of Finance ( to schedule a meeting for additional event specific requirements.

Want to get involved with BSOF?

The 2015-2016 Board is now full for the Spring Semester. Please check back in August for the 2016-2017 Board openings.