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Mental Health Week-Recap

Mental Health Week 2017 Recap

By: Sonali Kovoor-Misra

The Associated Students of Colorado State University came together with Active Minds to put on the 2017 Mental Health Week this spring. Monday, April 17, students got free coffee in the Flea Market, while informing them of the week’s activities to come. Tuesday’s focus was stress reduction. Along with Active Minds, the ASCSU Department of Health offered stress rams, glitter jars, and coloring books. That Wednesday, ASCSU offered relaxation activities on the plaza for all students to enjoy: yoga, mindfulness classes, and massages on the plaza were included. The week wrapped up with a Slam Poetry night in the Ramskellar, where students were encouraged to present their poems.

With finals week approaching and stress levels rising, it is more important than ever for students to focus on their mental health. Even the small things like coloring for 15 minutes or practicing mindfulness can make a huge difference when experiencing high levels of stress. It was amazing to see how excited students got when they saw the free stress rams and glitter jars Tuesday. Rams take care of Rams is the motto, and ASCSU is proud to be an advocate for mental health and wellbeing.