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Each spring, the Associated Students of Colorado State University – YOUR student government – hold annual ASCSU elections for President, Vice President, Speaker of the Senate and Senators. The elections are overseen by the ASCSU Elections Committee, which is made up of an Elections Manager, along with 8-12 members of the student body. The Elections Manager is appointed by the ASCSU President; each of the Elections Committee Members are selected by the Elections Manager and ASCSU President, and must be approved by the ASCSU Senate.

To learn more about any of the following open positions, read the application by following the link:

Elections Committee Membership Application

President and Vice President Application

Speaker of the Senate Application

Senator Application


Elections Committee membership applications will be accepted until February 20th at 5PM. All other applications must be submitted by March 10th at 3PM. Please address any questions about hiring or personnel to Chief of Staff Gabriela Maldonaldo: