Judicial Branch

The ASCSU Supreme Court is committed to creating a safe environment, promoting student success, and representing student interests in the CSU Community. We strive for fair and equal treatments of all students in their conduct proceedings.


ASCSU Supreme Court

The ASCSU Supreme Court strives for the fair and equal treatment of all students in their conduct proceedings at the University, whether those proceedings are through the office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services or through the Associated Students of Colorado State University. We are committed to creating a safe environment, promoting student success, and representing student interests in the CSU community. Secondly, the Court has judicial authority over ASCSU. This responsibility includes interpreting, upholding, and enforcing the ASCSU Constitution, acts of the ASCSU Senate, acts of other ASCSU boards and committees, and the bylaws of the ASCSU Supreme Court.

Outside ASCSU, the Court works directly to advocate for students in a few ways:

  • Justices sit in on discipline appeals hearings, ensuring students experienced a fair conduct process and that sanctions are centered on promoting student success.
  • Justices sit in on pre-admission hearings, screening individuals with a criminal record or history of academic conduct before they are admitted to CSU.
  • Justices sit in on substance abuse ticket appeals in cooperation with the CSU police department, reviewing if proper procedure was followed.
  • Justices sit on the all-university hearing board which help upholds student organization conduct and works towards creating a safe campus and community environment.

In an effort to better educate students about their legal rights, the Court is currently working on building a campaign that will overview an individual’s rights in common situations often faced by college students. The campaign is in conjunction with Student Legal Services and will be centered on a website where students can access the information 24/7. More information will be shared with the campus community and, most importantly, students in the spring.

In the spring semester, the Court looks forward to kicking off the legal rights awareness campaign and website, as well as administering CSU’s general election. The general election will occur in April and is an opportunity for students to vote on next year’s ForEverGreen T-Shirt design and student fees, as well as to elect the ASCSU President and Vice President. The Court also hopes to continue to serve students to the best of its ability in its existing capacities.

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