College of Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Dean’s Leadership Council acts as an agency that advocates for the needs of all Liberal Arts Students at Colorado State University. The council consists of undergraduate students from all departments within the college who represent their peers with administrators and faculty. LADLC has a commitment to advancing student interest with networking events, community engagement opportunities, and appointing of Student Senate positions within ASCSU.


Liberal Arts Technology Fee Committee

This committee serves as the appropriations arm of the Liberal Arts Dean’s office with respect to the technology fee. Students possess the majority vote on this board and therefore have significant influence on the allocation of the Tech Fee. The fee funds the technology equipment found in the classrooms in Clark and Eddy as well as the various computer labs that are run by the College of Liberal Arts. The committee meets once a semester and has a budget of over $500,000.

LADLC provides opportunities for students to give back to the community in which they live. Each year, LADLC has a presence at the campus wide ‘Cans Around the Oval’ canned food drive. LADLC encourages students to volunteer in the community and provide opportunities for them to do so. Each semester, LADLC puts on a RamRide volunteer drive to encourage students to assist in providing a safe ride home for students and community members.


Senators College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Student Enrollment: 6290

Senate seats: 8  Available: 6

Associate Senator seats: 16  Available: 16

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