Inside ASCSU: Campaign Season with the Officer of Governmental Affairs

October 18, 2016 Uncategorized

The following is an except from a Collegian article written by Deputy Chief of Staff, Christina Vessa. 

The Colorado State University Political Science Department drove Josh Williams’ decision to choose CSU over Northern Arizona University in 2014. CSU was a new school with new people, but that didn’t stop Josh from being politically active and involving himself in the student government.
Josh Williams, ASCSU’s Officer of Governmental Affairs is a third-year political science and economics student. (Christina Vessa | Collegian)

Freshman year, he was accepted into the Key Service and Global Sustainability Cluster, a year-long program. It was new page in Josh’s life, but he was ready for it. He ended up running for the Vice President of Braiden Hall through Hall Council; even though he lost the campaign, his Residence Director, Jackie, mentioned an open senator seat in the Resident Hall Association.

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