Inside ASCSU: What can the Supreme Court do for you?

September 15, 2016 Uncategorized

This is an excerpt from a blog post written by Deputy Chief of Staff, Christina Vessa, published in the Collegian.

Many students have probably heard about the Executive and Legislative branches of the Associated Students of Colorado State University. You know, the ones who pass legislation in the senate and create events and programming, among other things. However, you may not be as familiar with the students who run the ASCSU Supreme Court, the Judicial Branch.

The Supreme Court consists of seven justices with Chief Justice Jacob Stein at the head of it all – There is one Deputy Chief Justice and five Associate Justices that fill the branch. To gain a better understanding of what someone like Stein does on a daily basis, I’ll take a deeper look into his involvement around campus through the role of chief justice.

Either pre-admission hearings or conduct hearings may fill up the morning.

Conduct reports come from community members, RA’s or police reports, which are pulled frequently from local agencies. Conduct hearings happen when students appeal sanctions from the conduct resolution process through the Student Resolution Center Two ASCSU Justices sit on the Conduct Hearings Board, which reviews whether or not the sanctions are fitting for the findings in a student conduct case. Sanctions can include everything from suspension and expulsion to counseling and substance abuse treatment.

The unique array of appeal topics is why it is important to have student perspectives on the Conduct Hearings Board.


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