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Whatever your passions and whatever your talents, ASCSU offers exciting opportunities to be involved and enhance the CSU experience. ASCSU will not deny membership to any student on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy.



Positions NOW AVAILABLE for 2017-2018 Cabinet

Open Positions in ASCSU


Involvement Opportunities

Inclusive Excellence Committee

The Inclusive Excellence Committee (IEC) was established to give a voice to underrepresented populations on campus, and provide a specific committee to address social justice and bring legislation to senate to better all students of Colorado State University.

Chronic Health Mentoring Program

The mission of the Chronic Health Mentoring Program (CHMP) is to provide a peer-to-peer support system for students at Colorado State University who are dealing with chronic health conditions.

Test Files

ASCSU keeps a record of old tests used by professors that students can study from. Tests are available for a variety of CSU subjects and courses from Astronomy to Zoology.

University Technology Fee Advisory Board

The University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB) was created to ensure proper use of funds of the University Techology Fee, a $15.00 per-term assessment.

University Facility Fee Advisory Board

The mission of the University Facility Fee Advisory Board is to provide guidance concerning the University Facility Fee to the Vice President of Administrative Services and/or their designee.


Since 2003, Forevergreen has been a tradition. At its beginning, five thousand green shirts, carrying student-voted artwork, were given to students throughout the year. The Forevergreen t-shirt has the CSU Fight Song on the back of the shirt and a different design on the front every year.

ASCSU Reunion

Come join ASCSU members, past and present, to celebrate the rich history of ASCSU. This is an excellent opportunity to network and share stories of past and current initiatives.

Student Fee Review Board

The Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) is a year-long commitment. Students that sit on this board are responsible for allocating the $54 million of student fees to all of the areas on campus that are in place to enhance student experience.

Ram Leadership Team

The Ram Leadership Team (RLT) is a program for first-year students that provides participants with opportunities to become better leaders, more engaged students, and more closely connected to the CSU community.

Open Positions in the Executive Branch

There are currently no open positions in the executive branch. Please check back or email Chief of Staff Gabriela Maldonaldo with any questions.

Open Positions in the Judicial Branch

There are no current positions available in the Judicial Branch. Please contact Chief Justice Jacob Stein if you have any questions.

Open Positions in the Legislative Branch

The following positions are open within the legislative branch.

70 Things to do at CSU

70 things that every CSU student can do before they graduate!

Pacesetter Scholarship

This is a scholarship that is awarded to students who are leading the way in terms of academic achievement, involvement, and overcoming adversity.

Graduating ASCSU member

A display of events put on by college councils and diversity offices the week before finals in the Spring.


A celebration of current students and alumni the week before the homecoming football game in October.

Grill the Buffs

Grill the Buffs if the annual event that kicks off the Rocky Mountain Showdown with free buffalo burgers.


A display of events put on by college councils and diversity offices the week before finals in the spring.

Mental Health Committee

This team is dedicated to creating a more inclusive environment for those with mental illnesses. It is time to End the Stigma.