In 2013, the LSC started down the path of rejuvenation. Students voted to endorse this infusion of energy into their home away from home, and after final approval the plan was put into action.

Join the Student Fee Review Board

What Will I Gain From Joining the Student Fee Review Board?

As a member of SFRB, you will get to meet and develop relationships with many campus administrators in various student fee supported areas of campus. You will be presented with an in-depth behind-the-scenes perspective of campus life.

If you are interested in learning how fee-funded areas of campus function, gaining valuable business and communication skills, having a say in how student fee dollars are spent, or serving the student body, then the Student Fee Review Board is for you!

SFRB members have incredible influence over campus life and the services offered to students!

SFRB is a year-long commitment. Board meetings will be held twice a month during the Fall Semester and every week during the Spring Semester. As a liaison, you will be required to meet with your Fee Area Director at least twice a semester, more if need be. There is also one mandatory retreat each semester.

SFRB Application

To join, please fill out the SFRB Application

Applications can be emailed ( or submitted in hardcopy to Michael Wells, ASCSU Vice President, or to the ASCSU Front Desk

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the Student Fee Review Board, contact Michael Wells, ASCSU Vice President at or call the ASCSU Office at 970-491-5931.

Funded Areas