Student Fee Review Board

The Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) oversees the allocation of more than $54 million dollars in student fees. Student activity fees fund 18 different fee funded areas on campus, including the Lory Student Center, the Campus Recreation Center, Hartshorn Health Center, Athletics, Student Legal Services, SLiCE, and many more.

SFRB acts as the student voice to the Board of Governors in consideration of fee requests. Student representatives on SFRB learn in detail about the many services offered by the fee funded areas, assess each area’s budget, and give feedback about the utility of the services offered and proposed by each fee-funded office director. It is the responsibility of SFRB to ensure that students’ money is effectively and responsibly used to benefit students.

2014-2015 SFRB Bylaws
FY16 Proposed Student General Fees
SFRB Fiscal Notes
SFRB 2016-2017 Application
2014-2015 Student Fee Review Board Bylaws

Fees By the Numbers


Total Fee Dollars (Millions)


Fee Areas


Total Students Fall 2015


Interactive Student Fee

The ASCSU Interactive Student Fee was built to inform the student population of the amounts they pay with regards to student fees. There are 13 fee areas across the entire CSU campus and you pay a fee for each and everyone. This ASCSU initiative will help you to better understand current student fees and the ones you will be paying in the future. Its your money, make sure you know where its going!

To operate the Interactive Student Fee simply click on the fee area in which you are interested in to see the amount you as a student pay for this area! Further questions can be answered at the bottom of this page in the “Get in Touch” section.

If you would like to be a member of the Student Fee Review Board please submit an application to the front desk of ASCSU on or before September 4, 2015.

Where are Your Student Fees Going?


Fall/Spring Full-Time On Campus$43.25
Fall/Spring Full-Time Off Campus$21.63
Fall/Spring Part-Time On Campus$18.17
Fall/Spring Part-Time Off Campus$10.81
Summer Full-Time On Campus$28.11
Summer Full-Time Off Campus$14.06
Summer Part-Time On Campus$11.81
Summer Part-Time Off Campus$7.04

University Technology Fee

University TechnologyFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$25.00
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$25.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$25.00
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$25.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$25.00
Summer Full Time Off Campus$25.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$25.00
Summer Part Time Off Campus$25.00

CSU Health Network: Counseling Services

CSU Health Network: Hartshorn DepartmentFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$148.00
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$96.20
Summer Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.00

CSU Health Network: Hartshorn Department

CSU Health Network: Hartshorn DepartmentFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$201.59
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$131.03
Summer Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.00


Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$9.21
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$3.87
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.00

Lory Student Center

Lory Student CenterFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$178.28
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$38.11
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$74.88
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$19.05
Summer Full Time On Campus$115.89
Summer Full Time Off Campus$24.77
Summer Part Time On Campus$48.68
Summer Part Time Off Campus$12.38

School of the Arts

School of the ArtsFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$13.70
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$8.91
Summer Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.00


Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$18.16
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$7.63
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$11.80
Summer Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$1.63
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.00

Career Center

The Career CenterFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$31.22
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$31.22
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$31.22
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$31.22
Summer Full Time On Campus$20.29
Summer Full Time Off Campus$20.29
Summer Part Time On Campus$20.29
Summer Part Time Off Campus$20.29

Adult Learner and Veterans Services

Adult Learner & Veteran ServicesFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$7.49
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$3.75
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$3.15
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$1.87
Summer Full Time On Campus$4.87
Summer Full Time Off Campus$2.43
Summer Part Time On Campus$2.04
Summer Part Time Off Campus$1.22

Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services

Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct ServicesFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$7.34
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$7.34
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$7.34
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$7.34
Summer Full Time On Campus$4.77
Summer Full Time Off Campus$4.77
Summer Part Time On Campus$4.77
Summer Part Time Off Campus$4.77

Interpersonal Violence Response and Safety

Interpersonal Violence Response & SafetyFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$4.25
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$2.13
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$1.79
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$1.06
Summer Full Time On Campus$2.76
Summer Full Time Off Campus$1.38
Summer Part Time On Campus$1.16
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.69

Off-Campus Life

Off-Campus LifeFee
Fall/Spring Full Time On Campus$5.40
Fall/Spring Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Fall/Spring Part Time On Campus$2.27
Fall/Spring Part Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Full Time On Campus$3.51
Summer Full Time Off Campus$0.00
Summer Part Time On Campus$1.47
Summer Part Time Off Campus$0.00

2016-2017 Fee Areas

The following are the eighteen fee areas that are covered under the student fee.
These will all encompass the fee that is created for the 2016-2017 school year

Adult Learner Veteran Services

Director: Marc Barker

SFRB Representatives: 

Services/Programming: Education to Employment, Veteran Success Program, Student Parent Success Program, Ram Kidz Village, study lounge, Adult Learner specific CSU orientation, tutoring and peer mentoring programs, Fall Harvest Festival, Children’s Multicultural Carnival, Veteran’s Print Project, Veteran’s 5K, Roll Call, Children’s Book Drive, Holiday Giving Tree, Scholarships

Mission: Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS) aims to support non-traditional students in their transition to Colorado State University. ALVS provides a broad range of resources to aid in the advancement of more than 3,400 adult and veteran students both academically and professionally.

Director: Jason Sydoriak –

SFRB Representatives: 

Services/Programming: Transfort Bus Pass, For-Ever-Green T-Shirt, Test File, Student Media (Collegian, KCSU, CTV), Ram Leadership Team, Collegiate readership program, Grill the Buffs Rally

Mission: The Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) is Your student government. It functions as a liaison between the administration, the city of Fort Collins, the State of Colorado, and the nation advocating for student needs whatever they may be. ASCSU is the voice of Colorado State University students that works to create a diverse experience for each student by promoting academic, athletic, and cultural events held for all students.



Director: Steve Cottingham – and

SFRB Representatives: 

Services/Programming: Tickets to athletic events, CSU Marching Band, Club sports, Varsity sports

Mission: The purpose of the Colorado State University Department of Athletics is to recruit, educate, develop, and graduate student athletes within an environment that pursues excellence, values integrity, and ethical conduct; promotes respect for all individuals; teaches sportsmanship; entertains our constituents; and emphasizes championship performance.

Campus Recreation Center

Director: Judy Muenchow – Judy.Muenchow@ColoState.EDU

SFRB Representatives: 

Services/Programming: Drop-in recreation (climbing wall, cardio/weight equipment, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis); group exercise classes; mind/body classes including yoga, dance, martial arts; TRX; personal training program; intramural sports program; sport clubs program; outdoor adventure program; challenge ropes course program; outdoor gear rental program; massage therapy program

Mission: Campus Recreation provides wellness and healthy lifestyle-oriented programs, events, and services to Colorado State University students and employees via six program areas: Student Recreation Center, Aquatics, Fitness, Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, and Outdoor Programs.

Career Center

Director: Jeremy Podany –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Job Fairs, Job Posting, Career Networking Events, Industry Road Trips, Individual Appointments, Resume / Cover Letter / Personal Statement development, Practice Interviews, and more.

Mission: The department takes a holistic approach to career and job search counseling and education, helping students to explore their path, enhance their skills, explain themselves, and experience their future. In its employer relations role, the CSU Career Center also provides a valuable link to employers around the state and the country.

Conflict Resolution

Director: Craig Chesson –

and Melissa.Emerson@ColoState.EDU

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Party Partners, Choices, Crossroads, coaching, mediation, roommate issues, grade disputes, teacher issues

Mission: Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services provides a comprehensive array of approaches to support Colorado State University values of interpersonal civility, respect for human dignity, and the honoring of community standards.

CSU Health Network (Hartshorn)

Director: Anne Hudgens –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Medical clinic, Optometry/dental clinics, Counseling services, Immunizations, Nutrition, Women’s clinic, Physical therapy, Specialty counseling programs-DAY (Drugs, Alcohol, and You) and the iTeam (intensive mental health treatment)

Mission: The mission of the CSU Health Network is to promote the complete physical and mental health of the CSU student community by providing quality health care and comprehensive health education and prevention programming. In addition, the Health Network offers educational opportunities and training programs for all levels of health professionals.

Interpersonal Violence Fund (WGAC)

Director: Monica Rivera –

SFRB Representatives:

Service/Programing offered: Advocacy/Support, Victim’s Assistance Team, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Consent Turns Me On, Women’s Conference, Men in the Movement, Women at Noon, and Take Back the Night

Mission: WGAC serves as confidential advocates providing resources and support for students navigating the academic, legal, medical, and emotional aftermath of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and/or relationship violence. WGAC also provides educational programs, trainings, and workshops on topics related to interpersonal violence prevention and gender socialization that are facilitated throughout campus by our professional staff and very talented peer educators.

Lory Student Center (LSC)

Director: Mike Ellis –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Meeting rooms for student organizations, Event spaces including the Ballrooms and LSC Theatre, CSU Bookstore, Variety of services & dining options, Campus Activities, Ramskeller, CSU Transit Center, Cam’s Lobby Shop, Recycled Cycles, James Hair Salon, Event Planning Services

Mission: The Lory Student Center’s mission is to promote a supportive, creative learning environment by developing campus community through a diversity of high quality, student-centered programs and services

Off-Campus Life

Director: Jeannie Ortega –

SFRB Representatives: 

Services/Programming: CSU Rental Search, Roommate Roundup, Party Registration, CSU Rideshare

Mission: Off-Campus Life (OCL) helps students moving or living off campus to have a successful transition and integration into the Fort Collins community.


Director: Lance Wright –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Lee Brice concert, Battle of the Bands, Movie nights, Rockies games

Mission: Provides diverse and affordable events that both entertain and enrich the Colorado State University experience.


Director: Ted Fetterling –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Provide free, safe, non-judgmental rides home for CSU students

Mission: RamRide provides free, safe, non-judgmental rides home for Colorado State University students with the goal of improving the safety of the Fort Collins community.

Resources for Disabled Students

Director: Rose Kreston –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Alternative testing, alternative text, sign language/oral interpreting, note-taking support, transportation support, Awareness programs *The fee collected for the Committee for Disabled Student Accessibility is used to enhance the accessibility of campus for students with disabilities. It does not support the operation of Resources for Disabled Students office.

Mission: Resources for Disabled Students provides support and help for students with both permanent and temporary limitations and health conditions (physical and mental health). Limitations include, but are not limited to, mobility, hearing, seeing, and learning. Health conditions include, but are not limited to, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, celiac, and concussion.

Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE)

Director: Pamela Norris –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Alternative Break, Cans Around the Oval, CSUnity, Leadershape, Project Homeless Connect, Student Organizations at CSU, TGIF, other community volunteer programs

Mission: With a variety of leadership and community engagement programs, the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office at Colorado State University provides an important link between students and their surrounding communities.

Student Legal Services

Director: Kathleen Harward –

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Free legal consultations with attorneys

Mission: Student Legal Services attorneys “help you to help yourself.” Many legal issues can be handled by students, themselves, after they have been fully advised. Assistance with nearly every kind of legal issue.

University Center of the Arts 

Director: Dan Goble – and

SFRB Representatives:

Mike Lensky –

Kallan Johnson –

Services/Programming: Free event tickets to performances.

Mission: The University Center for the Arts (UCA) is an exquisite venue for music, theatre, dance, and art where future generations of arts professionals – be it in performance, creative production and design, education, therapy, or research – are becoming contributors to the essential vitality of our culture and society and advance knowledge in the arts through discovery, dissemination, teaching, and preservation.

University Facility Fee Advisory Board

Director: Tom Satterly

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Recent new buildings and additions with facility fee funding contributions: Behavioral Science building and addition, Computer Sciences, Morgan Library Cube, Scott Bioengineering, Rockwell West, University Center for the Arts, and the Early Childhood Center at historic Washington School. Smaller projects include: remodel of over seventy-five classrooms in twenty-six buildings, Chemistry lobby renovation, Design and Merchandise in Aylesworth, ERC renovation, Visual Arts Infill, Microbiology Study Lounge, Occupational Therapy, Resources for Disabled Students Testing Center, Anthropology Instruction Lab Remodel, as well as HES Teaching Facility under design.

Mission: The mission of the University Facility Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB) shall be to provide guidance and advice concerning the University Facility Fee to the Vice President of Administrative Services and/or their designee, to review all project proposals for allocations of the University Facility Fee, and to ensure that all allocations of the University Facility Fee will be used to provide new facilities and/or to improve current facilities that directly benefit the students of Colorado State University.

University Technology Fee Advisory Board

Director: Pat Burns and Jason Huitt – and

SFRB Representatives:

Services/Programming: Services provided by this fee include the CSU student information system, RamWeb, classroom technology, lecture capture technology, the campus wireless network, and technology in the Morgan Library.

Mission: This fee is used to provide technology services that have the potential to benefit as many CSU students as possible. Managed by the University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB)