ASCSU Branches

Team Members


Administration Staff

The Associated Students of Colorado State University Administration is fundamental in the day-to-day functioning of the ASCSU. The front desk staff operates alongside professional staff members to create a productive learning environment.
Senate Chambers

Legislative Branch

The Senate is composed of representatives from all eight colleges, open option students, and graduate students. Each week, the committees of Senate meet to create, change, and discuss legislation before it goes before the Senate floor.
Judical branch

Judicial Branch

The ASCSU Supreme Court strives for the fair and equal treatment of all students in their conduct proceedings at the University, whether those proceedings are through the office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services or through the Associated Students of Colorado State University.

Executive Branch

The Executive Cabinet is composed of the President, Vice President, and Department members. Each Department is run by a Director and if applicable Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors.