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Voter Resources

  • Voting: April 3rd through 5th, 2023
  • Debates:
    • Speaker of the Senate: March 28th, 5:00 – 6:30 PM
    • President & Vice President: March 29th, 5:00 – 6:30 PM
    • Both will take place in LSC Ballroom A
      • *Recordings will be available on CTV’s YouTube channel following the debates
Meet your Candidates

Ashton Duffield with Emily Aschenbrenner

Ashton is majoring in Business administration in accounting with a minor in Legal Studies expected to graduate Spring 2024. He currently holds the accountant position for ASCSU and the fundraising chair as well as the Vice President of Alumni Relations for Delta Sigma Pi. He has been a part of the President’s Leadership Program. Ashton seeks to work in strategy and Transactions in Downtown Denver. He enjoys working out, reading, art, music, and chess. 

Emily is graduating next Spring 2024 in Sociology, criminology, and criminal justice. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and hopes to have a career in insurance or law in the future. She enjoys skiing, hanging out with friends, volunteering for the community and working out!

Mia Ritter with Sammy Trout

Hi friends! My name is Mia Ritter, my pronouns are she, her, and hers, and I am a candidate running for the President position! I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I’m a third-year College of Agricultural Sciences student studying Animal Sciences with a minor in Spanish and Chemistry. I’m focused on studying sustainability, agriculture, and health care policy and law within Native Reservations. I’m a Native American/Indigenous woman within the Tohono O’odham/Papago Nation of Southern Arizona Tribes. I have been a part of the Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) Student Government for three years upholding multiple positions: Senator for the Native American Cultural Center (NACC), Chair for the Diversity & Inclusion Caucus, and Chair for the Budgetary Affairs Committee within the Legislative Branch. 

I have also worked within the Housing & Dining facilities as an Inclusive Community Assistant (ICA) for two years serving as a Student Diversity Program Services (SDPS) liaison of the Native American Cultural Center (NACC), Black African American Cultural Center (B/AACC), Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (APACC), El Centro, Pride Resource Center (PRC), Student Disability Center (SDC), and Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) for First-Year, Transfer, Upper Class, International, Honors, and Engineering students. I have been trained in Student Conflict Resolution for two years focused on mediation, problem-solving, and resolution. I am Safe Zone trained and tangibly work in reducing transphobia, homophobia, and cisheterosexism. I strongly advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice and allyship to spread awareness of Safe Zone trainings to build an inclusive campus community!

My goals I have and always will strive for within ASCSU is focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within and outside of our organization, accountability of myself and my team I work with, and being transparent of all the work I do with any student I get the opportunity to communicate with. If I’m elected as your next President, these are qualities I will hold myself to the highest standard in our organization to best serve you and what our student body ultimately needs. I want to make our community more accessible, inclusive, and knowledgable of our student politics. I am so stoked to continue Sammy and I’s rewarding hard work as a team and representing our student body!

My name is Sammy Trout, I use the He/Him/His pronouns and was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. I am a 4th year student here at CSU with a major in Sociology with a Criminal Justice Concentration and a minor in Political Science. I have been in ASCSU for 2 years, currently serving as the senior Senator for the College of Liberal Arts as well as Chair of the University Affairs Committee within the Senate, which reviews legislation that will have a direct impact on the students we serve. I also serve on multiple student advocacy and oversight boards on campus including the Liberal Arts Dean Leadership Council, Pride Leadership Council, Legislative Strategy Advisory Board, and the Student Fee Review Board. Outside of ASCSU I also work at Off-Campus Life as a Program Assistant as well as a Night Operations Coordinator within RamRide. 

My goals within the ASCSU Senate have always been focused on DEI advocacy, Community Outreach, and Accountability and that work will continue if I am elected to be your next Vice-President. In the Senate, I have been a consistent voice in holding folks accountable and ensuring that ASCSU is an accessible space for all constituents and members alike. I am excited to continue the rewarding work of representing the student body!


Nick DeSalvo with Alex Silverhart

When Nick DeSalvo was 17, he became the youngest person in Colorado history to ever run for office, which is a title he still holds. He currently serves as the Student Body Elected Speaker of the Senate, and has presided over the largest senate in recent years. DeSalvo is an advocate for keeping costs low for students, as he was the founder of the petition to stop the tuition increase. DeSalvo has also advocated for affordability on the local level, sometimes waiting for hours to speak before the city council. His relationship with local elected leaders and administration officials gives student concerns an even greater opportunity to be addressed.

Alex Silverhart is a third year Biomedical Sciences major at CSU. He is also a Resident Assistant in Corbett Hall, Certified Nursing Assistant at Poudre Valley Hospital, and the current Director of Health for ASCSU. During his three years on campus, Alex has developed many passions related to public health. With the increasing importance and need for mental health resources, Alex has worked with the CSU Health Network to connect students with the resources that can help in times of distress. His passion for sexual health led to the creation of the ASCSU Free Pregnancy Program where students can pick up free pregnancy tests at four locations around campus. He informed the CSU Health Network about the free at-home STI tests that are available to all Colorado residents (check out this link). Working alongside Nick DeSalvo, Alex has also been instrumental in leading the movement to prevent a tuition increase at CSU, which ultimately helps to decrease financial-related stressors for students. In his free time, Alex enjoys skiing the slopes of Winter Park and grape-vining at Sundance on Tuesday nights. You may also find him thrifting at Goodwill or helping host drag shows (such as the one on April 9th).


Rithik Correa with Jessica Laffey

Rithik Correa and Jessica Laffey are running for the roles of President and Vice President. They want to directly confront the many issues that students are facing at Colorado State University. Their platform is: VISION. ACTION. RESULTS. This platform would address issues such as parking, transportation, and student housing. They plan to actively work to support students in cases such as increasing funding and outreach to student organizations, and making ASCSU more accessible to all students. Rithik and Jessica are already deeply involved in student government, and have seen the problems that students are facing first-hand. Their campaign platform features tangible solutions to collaborate with external agencies and student boards to address the aforementioned issues. They have also resolved to increase outreach to students, and to let students have more input. For more information on their campaign, check out their Instagram page. 

Meet your Candidates!


Ava Ayala 

Hello all! My name is Ava Ayala. I’m currently a zoology major and I am a Senator for the College of Natural Science here at CSU. I have been involved in student government on and off the CSU campus for about 5 years and during that time I have seen good and bad administrations and I believe with that knowledge I can help ASCSU improve the community in ASCSU and outside on CSUs campus. In my experience off campus, I held a position called Internal Relations Manager with that position I worked on making sure that any conflicts within student government were handled in a responsible and respectful manner which needs to be implemented in ASCSU. Inside of ASCSU I have accomplished many things. I am an author on the bill that turned the Diversity and Inclusive Caucus into the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Affairs committee which is a major step in putting CSUs statements of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into action. Now just a little bit of what I do at the school I serve as a member of Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) with this position I have learned a lot about how student fees are increased and how important student boards are when it comes to student needs I am also an active member of my College Council handling the tech fees of the College of Natural Sciences. Many of ASCSU problems are internal and they, in my opinion, aren’t being handled correctly or responsibly by current leadership in all positions and seeing it firsthand this year I have many thoughts and plans to help foster a better environment through communication, community, and change. 


Hayden Taylor 

I have lived in Colorado for my whole life. I grew up in Littleton, and wanted to stay in Colorado for college. In my free time I enjoy skiing, hiking, backpacking, and playing board games. I am a first year student studying political science. I have been active in the student government since the beginning of my time at CSU. I am running for Speaker to improve the atmosphere of ASCSU. In my time in the Senate I have introduced legislation to improve visibility of ASCSU with the student body, which I would like to continue in a position of leadership. I truly believe in our organization’s goal of serving the students of CSU, and feel that I can bring leadership that can make the Senate even more effective. 

Campaigns to be announced soon!

All eligible students may vote via RamWeb during the voting period (4/3/23-4/5/23). 

The link to vote will go live the morning of April 3rd, under the “notifications” tab. 


Candidate Resources