The Executive Branch is composed of the President, Vice President, and Cabinet department members. Each Department is run by a Director, and if applicable, Deputy Director(s) and Ambassador(s). The President, Vice President, Directors, and Deputy Directors are paid positions. All Departments are funded through the executive budget and are allocated a set amount of funds for programming and services.



Office of the President


Michael Wells

2017-2018 ASCSU President

A Letter from the President…

Welcome to ASCSU!

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Cole V. Wise

2017-2018 ASCSU Vice President


Work Cell: 970-305-6301

A Letter from the Vice President…

Hello Rams! My name is Cole Wise and I will be serving as the student body Vice President. This opportunity is something that I cherish and am very thankful for. The student voice is something that is very unique – especially to CSU! I want to make sure all of the students at Colorado State are being heard. Our job as ASCSU officials is to hear your voice and advocate for your needs as students. My job, specifically, is to advocate for your student fee dollars and to facilitate discussions around your student fees. As Chair of the Student Fee Review Board, I will act as a liaison between the fee areas and the board that ultimately decides the best use of your student fees. If you want to see changes in how your dollars are being spent and/or advocate for certain fee-funded areas, I invite you to stop into my office and discuss those concerns and comments. The students of Colorado State are an amazing group of individuals and I am truly humbled and honored to be serving all of you. Go Rams!

Eddie Kendall
Chief of Staff ’17-’18

The ASCSU Chief of Staff is responsible for maintaining the order of the ASCSU Executive office at the discretion of the ASCSU President and Vice President. The Chief of Staff will also act as a representative of the President and Vice President of ASCSU when required. It is important that the Chief of Staff is familiar


Baylee Lakey
Deputy Chief of Staff ’17-’18

The ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff is responsible for assisting the Chief of Staff in a managerial capacity and ensuring the well-functioning of the office. The Deputy Chief of Staff will also be the Press Secretary for ASCSU.

Work Cell: (970) 217-2593

Interested in Changing Something on Campus?

One avenue to effect change on campus is through legislation. Any student is eligible to write their own legislation, but you can also contact a Senator to help you write it. Through legislation, the Administration of Colorado State University can hear your voice. Additionally, contacting a member of the Executive Branch can help to direct you to the right person.

Interested in Getting Involved?

Senate Sessions are held every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM in the Lory Student Center Senate Chambers (LSC Room 204). All members of the community are welcome to attend.

For more information about joining the executive branch, please email ascsu_campus_engagement@mail.colostate.edu.

Contact the Office

For additional questions regard the Legislative Branch, Senate Sessions, or anything else related to ASCSU, please ask! Either stop by our office in the Lory Student Center (Room 206) or call our front desk at (970) 491-5931.