The Department of Health works towards promoting the comprehensive health and wellbeing of CSU students by providing events, resources and policy from Body Acceptance week to the Chronic Health Mentoring Program.


Swipe Out Hunger offers students an opportunity to play an active role in addressing Food Insecurity in Fort Collins. Students can donate nonperishable food purchased with unused meal swipes by placing the food in the red bins located in dining centers. All food donated by students goes directly toward feeding students, both on campus and through the Food Bank for Larimer County.


The Student Health Fair and Open House, hosted in the new Health Center, is an opportunity for students to explore the different avenues of health and support on campus available to them! At this event,  departments from the health center and campus clubs and organizations will be engaging in hands on activities, including: yoga, meditation, and dance classes, free massages, screenings, games, an more. There will be food and prizes, and you may have the chance to meet your favorite mascot! This event will be held on two days, Monday October 16th and Thursday October 19th, from 3-6 each day, and we invite you to drop in whenever your schedule blows for fun, free things, and to explore your new health center!

Department Positions


Director of Health
Henry Stowers

Responsible for promoting health and safety through education and awareness for all aspects of the lives of students’ at Colorado State University.


Deputy Director of Health
Jena Staverosky

In addition to promoting health and safety through education and awareness, will also serve as a Swipe Out Hunger Coordinator.

Department of Health

Contact the Department of Health:

For questions and/or concerns related to CSU Health Services, please contact the Director of Health.

Current Director: Henry Stowers

For questions regarding food insecurity on campus, contact the Deputy Director of Health.

Current Deputy Director: Jena Staverosky