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ASCSU President & Vice President Filing Forms 2020-2021

Filing Period closes on March 11, 2020

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Valid through

March 11th, 2020


The incoming President and Vice President will be responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of our student government, including leading the strategic decision-making activities for the enterprise. S/he will be responsible for crafting a compelling vision that is effectively communicated and sold both internally and externally to all appropriate constituencies.

The ASCSU President will act as the Chief Representative for the Association, meeting regularly with CSU Administration and citywide officials to ensure that Colorado State students are represented at all levels of both campus and city administration.

Who you are

The best candidates are smart with humility. Ready to make a difference and learn how it’s done – you’re likely to lean to being a listener & learner most of the time. To be both knowledgeable and curious, to speak up and to listen. You are becoming consciously competent, which allows you to focus in on what you need to know in your role and your broader team’s objectives, as being President/Vice President is a team effort with your Executive Branch.

You are up for a challenge. You’re comfortable with change and you enjoy the excitement of new challenges. You are always looking for ways to learn from each experience. You’re adaptable and understand that an association like ASCSU is always iterating, pivoting and finding new & better ways to do things.

You enjoy the ride. First to put your hand up to support others and help to get things done – you know that teamwork is what makes the journey great for everyone. You’re a positive person others want to be around.


As the President and Vice President in ASCSU we expect you to fulfill the following duties:

  1. Attend all required department and office wide meetings/functions.
  2. Fulfill all tasks delegated to you.
  3. Helps make the association more productive by prioritizing, organizing agendas, taking minutes and chasing down action items.
  4. Act as the liaison between students and city/campus leadership, clients, and stakeholders to ensure consistent communication and ensuring involvement or decision-making at the proper time.
  5. Adhere to the ASCSU Code of Ethics
  6. Maintain this standing and enrollment throughout their term in office. Applicants should have a 2.25 minimum, but 2.5+ cumulative preferrred.
  7. Must have at least 60 credits on record by time of application.


Congratulations for applying to this position(s)! Upon applying you will be reached out to by the Elections Manager to schedule a Candidacy Orientation. Due to the nature of this application and the amount of emails the Elections Manager receives, if you have questions or require assistance with completing the application, responses may be delayed or auto-response. The Elections Manager can be contacted here here.

ASCSU is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values a diverse working environment. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

*Applicant must be US-based.