ASCSU 2021-2022 Election Results

Congratulations to all running candidates in the recent ASCSU Spring Elections! In case you missed the announcements of the election, click here to watch the CTV broadcast from April 1st.

ASCSU received 4,039 votes in the election this year, making up 13.73% of the student body.

The following outstanding individuals are the winners of their respective candidacies in the 2021 ASCSU election: 

ASCSU Senatorial Race (by College)

  • Engineering: Ryan Pyfrom
  • Liberal Arts: Ava McCall, Samantha May, Anna Imbriaco, Bailey Shepherd, Evan Welch, Isaac Neivert
  • Natural Sciences: Willa Saur
  • Veterinarian, Medical, & Biological Sciences: Alex Silverhart
  • Warner College of Natural Resources: Mena Sherer, Haydyn Deason
  • College of Agricultural Sciences: Tanna Tennyson, Sam Moccia
  • College of Business: Brandon Baum

ASCSU Speaker of the Senate Race

  • Kyle Hill

ASCSU President & Vice President Race

  • Christian Dykson and Merry Gebretsadik