The Department of Campus Community is dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life and creating a sense of community. We collaborate with various university departments to address topics such as sexual assault, student success, student involvement opportunities, and overall campus climate. Ultimately, our department is committed to making a better CSU for all students.

Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement

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The Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement organization in campus is the overarching administrator for over 300 student led interest and involvement groups on campus. This is the place where you can create your own student organization if you cannot find one here on campus or find a group that peaks your interests!

Residence Hall Communities

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Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are programs organized to introduce and integrate academic and social learning in residence hall settings through faculty involvement.

Students who have been accepted to a Residential Learning Community will have the opportunity to be part of that community regardless of the building in which they are assigned to live.


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RAM Link is the main hub for joining or maintaining student organizations, finding events, and tracking involvement. This is where you can search through the catalog of over 300 student organizations of various interests whether it be chess, rock climbing, singing, scholastic diversity groups and more!

Diversity and Inclusion

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If you would like to learn more about the different cultural and diversity groups offered within Colorado State University, visit the Diversity and Inclusion webpage.

Contact the Director of Campus Community

For questions and/or concerns related to affairs, issues, or topics that affect CSU students, please contact the current Director of Campus Community