Jasper Sloss

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff of ASCSU has responsibilities that are both managerial and advisory and often include the following: structure the Cabinet staff system; manage the flow of information; protect the interests of the president; help select Cabinet staff and supervise them; and advise the president on various issues.

Jasper Sloss is the current Chief of Staff. He was unanimously confirmed and sworn in by the ASCSU Senate on September 30, 2020.

Jasper Sloss is a third-year business student with concentrations in Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis and minors in Economics and Sports Management. Mr. Sloss has previous experience in ASCSU as a senator, Student Fee Review Board member, and executive intern to the 2019-2020 Vice President of ASCSU. This year, Mr. Sloss plans to facilitate the expansion of academic and mental health support systems, student fee transparency and effectiveness, and ASCSU’s accessibility for every student.

Jasper Sloss thoroughly enjoys getting out of the office to go skiing, mastering the culinary arts, and taking scenic moped rides. In the office, Mr. Sloss is passionate about creating a CSU that is engaging both within the classroom and outside it.