Taylor Millson

Director of Campus Engagement

Taylor Millson is the current Director of Campus Engagement. She was unanimously confirmed and sworn in by the ASCSU Senate on September 30, 2020.

Taylor Millson is a third-year student at CSU, pursuing a double major in Political Science and Communication Studies. Ms. Millson has been heavily involved in ASCSU, holding numerous roles in both the legislative and executive branches. In addition to her involvement in student government, Ms. Millson is a third-year veteran of CSU Golden Poms and a member of Phi Mu Xi Beta chapter. Throughout her time in ASCSU, Ms. Millson has accomplished tasks from building a larger social media presence of the Senate, enacting traditional events on campus like Grill the Buffs, while also leading new traditions on campus such as Rams on the Ice and ASCSU Bookstore Bucks.

As Director of Campus Engagement, Ms. Millson aims to continue promoting a campus climate of inclusivity, transparency, and integrity. In promoting these ideals, Ms. Millson emphasizes the importance of representing and giving a platform to marginalized and minoritized groups. Ms. Millson’s goals are to not only strengthen community on campus, but also school spirit.