Sophia Shepp

Director of Environmental Affairs

Sophia Shepp is the current Director of Environmental Affairs. She was unanimously confirmed and sworn in by the ASCSU Senate on September 30, 2020.

Sophia Shepp is a third-year student pursuing a double-major in environmental sociology and political science with a concentration in environmental policy. Ms. Shepp is originally from Charleston, South Carolina, and came to Colorado due to her love of the mountains and nature. Before becoming Director of Environmental Affairs, Ms. Shepp served as an Associate Senator for the Liberal Art’s College, and later became Deputy Director of Environmental Affairs for the Spring 2020 semester. Over the past summer, Ms. Shepp interned for Representative Joe Neguse, which helped strengthen her enthusiasm for civil service.

Sophia Shepp is passionate about both protecting the environment and being a voice for students, and is excited to help this university continue to be a global leader in campus sustainability. After graduating this year, Ms. Shepp anticipates getting her Master’s in Public Administration and focusing her career on environmental advocacy within the nonprofit sector. She hopes to be able to educate and inspire others about the importance of environmental sustainability.