Emily Baller

Director of Programming

Emily Baller is the current Director of Programming. She was unanimously confirmed and sworn in by the ASCSU Senate on September 30, 2020.

Emily Baller is currently a junior studying Political Science and Business Administration with a concentration in Management. As a student, Ms. Baller has been extremely passionate about CSU and has dedicated herself to serving the campus community. Ms. Baller currently serves as an Admissions Ambassador, a member of the Dean’ Student Leadership Council for the College of Business, is a leader in Cru Christian ministry, a Straayer Center for Public Service Leadership Fellow, and is the current Vice-Chair of the Student Fee Review Board.

Emily Baller loves Fort Collins and enjoys Old Town coffee shops, podcasts, hiking, and IM sports. As this year’s Director of Traditions and Programs, Ms. Baller is excited to innovate new ways for students to engage with CSU traditions as well as establish new ones.