Each year the ASCSU holds a regular election to choose it’s President and Vice President as well as the Speaker of the Senate. All members of the Association—all undergraduate and graduate students at Colorado State University—can vote. The 2021 Elections will be held from March 1st, 2021 to April 1st, 2021. Students will be able to vote for their preferred candidates on March 30th, 31st, and April 1st. Furthermore, students can vote on referendum propositions. Referendum propositions can be placed on the ballot by the ASCSU Senate, Graduate Assembly, or by a petition of the student body. Lastly, special elections can occur to recall officials or in other limited circumstances.

This website is available year-round as a resources to voters, candidates, parties, and proposition proponents/opponents. Please note that the website is usually updated during the winter break for the following elections cycle. During the voting period, the link to vote will appear on this page.


Applications for President/Vice-President, Speaker of the Senate, and Senators have closed. If you are interested in a possible write-in ballot or running in next year’s elections, please contact


President/Vice President:

John Williamson & David Pringle

Christian Dykson & Merry Gebretsadik

Cinque Mason & Lydia Zucklic

Lys Taddei & Weston Schroeder

Speaker of the Senate:

Kyle Hill

Write-In Candidates for Speaker of the Senate:

Marlis Hazleton


Sam Moccia

Samantha May

Bailey Shepherd

Ava McCall

Ryan Pyfrom

Jackson Hunter

Sanskar Vyas

Evan Welch

Tanna Tennyson

Willa Saur

Anna Imbriaco

Mena Sherer

Alex Silverhart

Brandon Baum

Haydyn Deason

Ian Clancy

Isac Neivert

Marlis Hazelton


The Elections Rules are vital to ensuring a fair and democratic elections process. Please report any violations to the Elections Manager by email. You can reach the Elections Manager through
A comprehensive list of Campaign Rules and Violations can be found in the Elections Bylaws here.
All reports will be reviewed by the Elections Manager. If you have any further questions, please email the Elections Manager at


Proposition Referendums
A referendum is a vote of the student body on a specific ballot question. The ballot question itself is called a proposition. Propositions can amend the ASCSU governing documents, state an opinion of the student body, approve changes to student-initiated fees, and exercise other powers of the Association. Propositions are voted on during regular elections.
Propositions can be placed on the ballot by the ASCSU Senate, Graduate Assembly, or by a petition signed by 10% of the student body. To appear in an election, propositions must be placed on the ballot by the end of the filing period. A Proposition Primary Proponent / Opponent Form (described below) must be submitted by the end of the filing period (for legislatively-referred propositions) and before any petition signatures are collected (for voter-initiated propositions).


ASCSU Elections Bylaws
Click here to read the elections rules contained in the ASCSU Bylaws. Candidates, parties, and proposition proponents/opponents are responsible for knowing the most up-to-date version of the Elections Bylaws at all times. The Elections Bylaws provide a very comprehensive guide to all policies, rules, procedures, and regulations related to the operation of the ASCSU Elections and all involved actors.


The ASCSU Elections are organized by the ASCSU Elections Committee. The Committee is an independent body created by the ASCSU Constitution, composed of twelve voting members. The Elections Manager actively participates in the operation of the elections process. The Judicial Branch offers independent services/oversight to the Committee.
All of Elections Council:
Morgan May, Elections Manager, Elections Committee Chair
Kiera Myers, Vice Chair of the Elections Committee
Noah Healy, Junior Vice Chair of the Elections Committee
Anna Bugosh, Member of the Elections Committee
Cavan McCabe, Member of the Elections Committee
Claudia Murillo, Member of the Elections Committee
Libby Nachtigal, Member of the Elections Committee
Albert Marquez, Member of the Elections Committee
Carson Miyachi, Member of the Elections Committee
Anya Kaplan-Hartnett, Member of the Elections Committee
Alayna Truxal, Member of the Elections Committee