Inside ASCSU: The Summer Months



As students left for summer break, the new Associated Students of Colorado State University administration went to work in preparation for the return of their fellow rams.

This summer, the Silva-Wells administration has been working on several projects and initiatives, including: student tailgating, innovation and technology development, safe and efficient access to transportation and digital access to The Wall Street Journal.

This semester marks the first season in the new on-campus football stadium, which means there is a new process for tailgating. There are two main areas for tailgating: the “MOB” area and the TILT student tailgating lot, located behind The Institute for Learning and Teaching building.

The TILT student tailgating lot is open to the general student population. Students can reserve a spot, park their car, grill, bring coolers and drink, provided they are over the age of 21, in this area. ASCSU President, Josh Silva, and Director of University Affairs, Nathan Rhine, have worked with both the CSU administration and CSU Athletics to update the process for securing a TILT lot tailgating pass.

Students can fill out an application for the TILT lot on the ASCSU website. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and will close 48 hours prior to each football game. Those who secure a spot will receive an email with information about the next steps in the tailgating process along with a copy of the game day alcohol policy. Once approved, students can pick up their tailgating pass at the Lory Student Center Box Office.

Innovation and Technology:
A focus of the current ASCSU administration is to promote innovation and technological advancements as well as reduce and eliminate wasteful practices. To promote this initiative, a new position within ASCSU, Director of Innovation and Technology, has been introduced. The goal of this position is to streamline technological initiatives occurring across campus and present a unified and cohesive student perspective.

ASCSU is also launching a new website that will include greater functionality for students. This includes an area for students to submit ideas for pieces of legislation, an easy to navigate student fee page that will explain how student fees are allocated and, finally, an online application for CSU students and student organizations to register for tailgating in the TILT lot.

RamRide and Transportation:
During the spring of 2017, RamRide and Off-Campus Life launched the RamRide mobile application that allows students to request a safe ride home. Throughout the summer ASCSU has been in conversation with RamRide on ways to continue to improve service and technological initiatives.

“We appreciate the work that RamRide and Off-Campus Life did to make this resource a reality,” said ASCSU Vice President, Michael Wells. “We want all students to download and utilize the app.”

In addition to RamRide, ASCSU has collaborated with the Alternative Transportation Fee Advisory Board and the City of Fort Collins to provide greater access to the Transfort Gold Route by removing the $1 fee. The Gold Route, which is now free to everyone, is a late-night service route that runs from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. every Friday and Saturday from downtown Fort Collins to West Campus.

Access to The Wall Street Journal:
Finally, ASCSU has collaborated with the College of Business, the College of Liberal Arts and Commitment to Campus to provide every CSU student with a digital subscription to The Wall Street Journal for an entire calendar year.

“This is something students have been asking for a long time,” said Silva. “This pushes us toward digital sustainability, and it also helps to enrich the conversation.”

While students, faculty and staff will be able to access the daily copy of The Wall Street Journal online, there will be a limited amount of printed papers available 15 weeks out of the semester. Access to the paper will be available within the first few weeks of school. Students will be able to sign up for memberships with their CSU eID.

As a new semester officially begins, Silva looks forward to working for and with the students at CSU.

“We’re excited to have students coming back to campus, it’s going to be a positive, productive and transformative year for CSU,” concluded Silva.

If you would like more information about ASCSU, visit the ASCSU Office in the Lory Student Center.

ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff and ASCSU Blogger Baylee Lakey can be reached online at or online at @bayleelakey.