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Name and Number of Legislation Date Introduced Current Status Final Status
Summary of Bill Tags
Bill 4934 – Amending the Supreme Court Associate Justice Compensations 6/17/2020 This bill aims to increase Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice stipends from the current $500 per academic year to $1300 to reflect the work of these justices. None
RES 4919 – Racial Incident and Discipline Recommendation Resolution 6/17/2020 This resolution seeks to condemn racism and social biases in response to a racial incident last weekend regarding a social media post of an incoming CSU freshman. None
RES 4920 – Say Their Names Resolution 6/17/2020 This resolution aims to stand in Complete Solidarity with the black community at CSU and across the nation in fighting for equitable racial and social justice. Black Lives Matter
RES 4918 – Resolution in Support of SAVA Raise The Bar 5/6/2020 Passed 23, 0, 0 This resolution urges ASCSU to endorse the Raise The Bar Program by tasking the incoming administration with supporting this program in any way, reinforcing CSU’s goal of providing a safe community for students. Diversity, sexual assault, safe drinking, bars, safety, training
Bill 4931 – Approval of the FY21 Student Fee Package 4/29/2020 Passed unanimous consent This bill requests the approval of the FY21 Student Fee Package None
Bill 4932 – COVID-19 CSU Tuition Adjustment Resolution 4/29/2020 Passed unanimous consent This resolution is to urge the CSU Administration to provide tuition adjustments to students enrolled in in-person taught classes for the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 academic semesters. None
Bill 4933 – COVID-19 Student Relief 4/29/2020 Passed 29, 0, 0 This bill aims to provide $15,000 of funding to Rams Against Hunger for additional personal care, hygiene, and cleaning products. None
RES 4916 – Support for Improved Graduate Student Climate and Mental Health 4/29/2020 Passed 29, 0, 0 This resolution aims to bring awareness to the student body, faculty, and administration to CSU concerning the significance of mentorship, diversity, inclusivity, and good mental health resources to Graduate students graduate students, mentorship, diversity, inclusivity
RES 4917 – ProctorU and Respondus Privacy Concerns 4/29/2020 Passed 26, 0, 1 This resolution urges the CSU Administration and Faculty Council to recognize the student concern over ProctorU and Respondus privacy policies. None
RES 4915 – RMSMC Contract Negotiation Opinion 4/22/2020 Passed 25, 2, 3 This resolution seeks the Senate’s opinion on contract negotiations with RMSMC rmsmc, funding, contract negotiations
RES 4913 – In Support of Extending the CARES Act for Students 4/15/2020 Passed 30, 0, 0 This resolution aims to encourage the administration of CSU to use their power and connections to put pressure on the Federal Legislature to rectify shortcomings in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act so that 17-24-year-olds may receive a stimulus check. covid-19, congress, cares act, students
Bill 4930 – Funding for Increased Food Insecurity 4/15/2020 Passed 30, 0, 0 This bill requests $3000 from ASCSU to help restock pocket pantries and create a new pocket pantry in Aggie Village food insecurity, rams against hunger, pocket pantries
RES 4914 – Addressing the Hate Speech Post on Snapchat 4/15/2020 Passed 30, 0, 0 This resolution seeks to remind the administration that issues on campus have not been solved and that students demand more action. racial incidents, blackface, action
RES – 4929 COVID 19 CSU Monetary Compensation Resolution 3/30/2020 Passed 15, 8, 6 This resolution is to formally suggest to the Board of Governors of CSU and President Joyce McConnell in compensating the monetary demands set forth by the students of CSU in light of the recent events of COVID-19 None
Bill 4928 – Real Estate Club Funding Bill 3/11/2020 Pulled This bill aims to provide $2345 of funding to the Real Estate Club for operational and marketing expenses necessary for club sustainability and growth. College of business, real estate club, clubs
LEX 4903 – Senator Removal Rules of Procedure 02/26/2020 Failed 14, 11, 5 This LEX was introduced to clarify Court Opinion 4903 and provide an unbiased method for removing ASCSU senators. None
Bill 4927 – 2020 Spring Showcase Bill/Funding to Enable Campus-Wide Entrepreneurs 02/26/2020 Passed 35, 2, 0 This bill seeks $6000 from ASCSU for the purpose of funding an event for student entrepreneurs to showcase their work. Business, student ventures, institute for entrepreneurship
RES 4912 – In Solidarity with Syracuse University Protesters 02/26/2020 Passed 26, 2, 9 This resolution aims to show CSU’s support of the Syracuse University students that are currently occupying Crouse-Hinds Hall in response to the racially motivated incidents on campus None
Bill 4919 – Funding for The Giants 02/12/2020 Failed 9,17,3 This bill requested $20,000 from the Senate and $20,000 from the Executive Branch to form a display that contains several; pieces of art representing individuality and diversity. None
Bill 4921 – Deputy Director of Inter-Collegiate Affairs 02/05/2020 Passed 23, 0, 2 This bill seeks to add a new position to the cabinet under the Director of Community Affairs. Environmental affairs, earth week, budgets, zero waste symposium
Bill 4925- OBH Funding Bill 02/05/2020 Passed Operation Bear Hug (OBH) is an event for suicide prevention and awareness in the form of an obstacle course 5k. This bill required BSOF Funding of about $14000 None
Bill 4924 – Funding/Hosting for the CSU Disability Event 01/29/2020 Failed 0, 27, 1 This bill aims to fund and host a Disability Simulation event to be held on campus in the amount of $1000 from the Senate Discretionary Fund. None
Bill 4923 – Elections Code Reorganization Act 01/29/2020 Passed 24, 1, 1 Updating and reorganizing the Elections Code for the 2020 General Election None
LEX 4902 – The ASCSU Documents Modernization Act 01/29/2020 Passed 36, 2, 0 Creation and adoption of the Legislative Cabinet Bylaws and codifying the ASCSU Constitution and Senate Bylaws with standard procedures already in place None
Bill #5001/Adoption of 50th Senate Job Descriptions 1/29/20 Passed 18-9-0 Ratifying the Student Fee Review Board Bylaws of the Associated Students of Colorado State University. None
Bill #4922/Ratifying the Student Fee Review Board Bylaws 1/29/20 Passed 18-9-0 Ratifying the Student Fee Review Board Bylaws of the Associated Students of Colorado State University. None
Resolution #4910/Recognition of the CSU Women’s Volleyball Team 12/04/19 Passed 21-0-0 The resolution recognizing the No. ranked CSU Women’s Volleyball Team for a 28 game win streak and for qualifying to the NCAA tournament for the 25th year in a row. None
Resolution #4907/Student Parent Absence 12/04/19 Passed 29-1-1 The resolution aims to afford student parents excused absences during planned and unplanned closures related to the students parents’ children’s school district. Student parents, adult learners, Student Services, accommodations
Bill #4918/Director of Environmental Affairs Job Description Amendments 11/20/19 Passed 32-0-0 This bill moves to amend the Director of Environmental Affairs job description. None
Bill #4914/Providing Additional Support for the Graduate Student Travel Award 11/06/19 Passed 32-0-0 Providing $15,000 from the Senate Discretionary Fund to support the large number of applications from Graduate Students for travel funding for scientific and professional conferences. None
Bill #4916/Increase Funding for Zero Waste Symposium 11/05/19 Passed 33-1-0 This bill would allocate an additional $2,500 to the Department of Environmental Affairs from the President’s Discretionary Fund provide enough funding for a successful Zero Waste Symposium. Environmental Affairs; Earth Week; Budgets; Zero Waste Symposium
Bill #4906/Clothing Donation Bins 11/06/19 Passed 29-0-0 This bill seeks to put clothing donations bins in residence halls to promote sustainability and the re-use of clothes and textiles. For the designated bins, $4,000 is requested from the Senate Discretionary Fund. Residence Life, Student Services
Bill #4911/Funding for ASCSU Social Network Study 10/23/19 Passed 16-10-3 Securing funding for a Social Network Mapping study for ASCSU, to determine if and where disparities exist in our internal connectedness that may be affecting both out workplace culture and ability to function as a cohesive team, as well as to see how social dynamics resolve themselves between branches. None
Bill #4910/Amending the 2019-2020 Executive Job Descriptions 10/16/19 Passed 27-6-2 The bill seeks to amend the 2019-2020 Executive Branch descriptions by adding Deputy Director of Health and by changing the requirements and pay of the Director of Community Affairs. None
Bill #4909/Ratifying the Executive Bylaws 10/16/19 Passed 34-0-0 Ratifying the Executive Bylaws of the Associated Students of Colorado State University. None
Bill #4907/Elections Manager Job Description Amendments 10/9/19 Passed 32-0-0 As per requirement, the following job description for the 2019-2020 Associated Students of Colorado State (ASCSU) is provided to the 49th Senate for their consideration and ratification. None
Bill #4904/Ratifying the Student Government Coalition 09/18/19 Passed 32-0-1 Ratifying the Student Government Coalition’s constitution and offering resolution of support. None
Resolution #4904/Standing United Against Campus Antisemitism 09/25/19 Passed 37-1-0 This resolution denounces the carving of a swastika in CSU apartments and makes clear recommendations for further action from ASCSU and our university administrators. Bias Related Incident
Bill #4903/Approval of BSOF Funding for Holocaust Awarness Week 09/25/19 Passed 35-0-0 Expressing the opinion and support of the ASCSU Senate Body regarding incidents of Racism involving Colorado State University Students. BSOF, Funding, Student Organizations
Resolution #4903/Accountability for Hate Speech Against Students 09/18/19 Passed 31-5-2 Condemnation of the racist act, known as blackface, that occurred by Colorado State University students on September 8th, 2019. External Links
Bill #4902/Approval of 2019-2020 ASCSU Budget 09/18/19 Passed 22-2-1 The bill seeks to approve the executive budget of the FY20. Senate, Transition, Administration
Resolution #4902/Condemning the Acts of Hate Speech on the CSU Campus 09/18/19 Passed 37-1-0 Expressing the opinion and support of the ASCSU Senate Body regarding incidents of Racism involving Colorado State University Students. None
Bill #4901/Adoption of the 2019-2020 Senate Job Description 05/08/19 Passed 25-0-0 A bill calling for the adaption of the amended job descriptions for use by the Forty-Ninth Senate. Senate, Job Descriptions
Resolution #4901/Adoption of the 49th Senate Bylaws 05/08/19 Passed 26-0-0 A bill calling for the adaption of the amended bylaws for use by the Forty-Ninth Senate. Senate, Bylaws