The Senate is composed to representatives from all of CSU’s academic colleges, undeclared students, graduate students, the CSU Student Diversity Programs and Services Offices, and Student Councils on campus. Senators from academic colleges represent 750 students each, while other Senators represent a specific demographic in the CSU community.

Senate Leadership

Blake alfred final
Speaker of the Senate
Blake Alfred

ASCSU’s Legislative Branch serves as a direct line of representation for the student body, through academic colleges, Student Diversity Programs and Services Offices, and Student Councils across the University. The Senate is comprised of the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker pro Tempore, the Recruitment and Retention Officer, the Parliamentarian, Senators, and Associate Senators. All Senators and Associate Senators engage in the democratic process through representing their respective constituency base, assist in allocating student fees to registered student organizations, develop leadership and professional development skills, and directly impact the Colorado State University community.

Speaker Pro Tempore
Conner Hendrick

The ASCSU Speaker pro Tempore is responsible for chairing and maintaining Senate if the Speaker of the Senate is absent or not willing. The Speaker pro Tempore will also act as the second highest ranking official of the Senate body and thus, will handle many administrative duties of ASCSU while in office. It is very important that the Speaker pro Tempore is familiar with parliamentary procedure, proper legislative format, leadership skills as well as feel comfortable being the second-in-command of the Senate if ever called to chair a session. The Speaker pro Tempore will be responsible for frequent communication with the Recruitment and Retention Officer to discuss onboarding of new senators and attendance/accountability with current members of the legislative body, and will deliver this information to the Speaker of the Senate on a weekly basis. The Speaker pro Tempore will be unable to vote on legislative matters.

Recruitment & Retention Officer
Merall Sherif

The ASCSU Senate Recruitment and Retention Officer is responsible for outreach/recruitment as well as connecting with Senators inside the Legislative body. It is important that the Recruitment and Retention officer is familiar with student organizations, College Councils and SDPS offices, as well as the members of the Senate. The Recruitment and Retention officer should be aware of the inner workings of the ASCSU Senate Body and have strong interpersonal skills to recruit, train, and hold accountable all Senators in the Senate. This officer will be working closely with the Speaker pro Tempore to track office hours, committee attendance, and Senate session attendance for Senators and Associates. This officer will also be working closely with the Executive Department of Campus Engagement to attend CSU events and promote the organization of ASCSU. The Recruitment and Retention Officer can concurrently be an ASCSU Senator and maintain voting rights, but does not need to be a voting member of the body to hold this position.

Sienna Sasselli

The ASCSU Parliamentarian is responsible for facilitating the legislative process. The Parliamentarian will also oversee technology use by Senate during Senate Sessions. It is extremely important that the Parliamentarian is familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian will also assist the Speaker pro Tempore in general administrative duties, such as maintaining the website information, placards for sessions, etc.

Interested in Changing Something on Campus?

One avenue to effect change on campus is through legislation. Any student is eligible to write their own legislation, but you can also contact a Senator to help you write it. Through legislation, the Administration of Colorado State University can hear your voice. Additionally, contacting a member of the Executive Branch can help to direct you to the right person.

Interested in Getting Involved?

Senate Sessions are held every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM in the Lory Student Center Senate Chambers (LSC Room 204). All members of the community are welcome to attend.

For more information about joining the legislative branch, click the button below.

Contact the Office

For additional questions regard the Legislative Branch, Senate Sessions, or anything else related to ASCSU, please ask! Either stop by our office in the Lory Student Center (Room 206) or call our front desk at (970) 491-5931. For all other inquires, click the button below.