Office of Innovation and Technology

The Office of Innovation and Technology serves in an effort to bring a comprehensive approach and scope of technological interests to campus. Focusing on promoting innovation and technological advancements in ASCSU and across the CSU campus. This office is guided with a motivation to develop new ideas and recognize innovative possibilities generated by other community members.


The University Technology Fee Advisory Board provides guidance and advice in the implementation and application of technology at Colorado State University; to review all allocation requests of the University Technology Fee; and to ensure that all allocations of the University Technology Fee are used to provide technology that has the potential to benefit as many Colorado State University students as possible.


Colorado State University operates and abides by the rules and regulations set out in their University Policies. For a list of University Policies relating to Information Technology, visit the link below.

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For questions and/or concerns related to any technology-related issues or programs, please contact the current Chief Marketing Officer.

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