Hannah Taylor

112th President of ASCSU

Hannah Taylor is the 112th President of ASCSU. The President acts as the chief representative for the association, meeting regularly with the CSU administration and citywide officials to ensure that students are represented at all levels of campus and city administration.

Hannah Taylor is a senior from Pueblo West triple majoring in History, German, and Political Science. Ms. Taylor got involved in ASCSU her sophomore year through her role as Deputy Director of Governmental Affairs, she later joined the Student Fee Review Board. Currently, Ms. Taylor is the Alumni Relations Manager for Rocky Mountain Student Media, the Director of Membership Selection for Pi Beta Phi, and is a College of Liberal Arts Ambassador.

On September 16, 2020, Ms. Taylor was elected President, running the largest digital campaign in the history of the student government. Ms. Taylor ran for President because she is passionate about improving CSU and ensuring that the student government is making an actual change that impacts students.

President Taylor is looking forward to working on several projects this year to help CSU students during these unprecedented times. From parking, transportation, food insecurity, online learning, housing accountability and affordability, and student fees, President Taylor is already working to deliver historic results.