Ram Leadership Team 2017


The Ram Leadership Team (RLT) mission is to build a team of individuals who are committed to personal growth, involvement, leadership education, service, and are dedicated to creating strong relationships within Colorado State University’s community. The curriculum is focused on helping students who are new to CSU, students who want to get connected to CSU’s campus, and students looking to discover their leadership potential. RLT members will personally grow by participating in various forms of service, leadership training, and social programming. Members of ASCSU’s Ram Leadership Team will be required to attend one meeting per week.  

The Ram Leadership Team is a program organized by ASCSU’s Department of Campus Engagement. A member of ASCSU’s Executive Branch, the Department of Campus Engagement focuses on informing the students on various involvement opportunities throughout campus.

 Application Info:
The RLT application is available through our website and can also be picked up at the ASCSU office in the LSC. The application is due by September 15th. Within a week of receiving a completed application, candidates will be contacted for an interview.
If you are not contacted to schedule an interview after submitting an application by September 20th, please send a follow-up email to either ascsu_front_desk@mail.colostate.edu or ascsu_rlt@mail.colostate.edu.

About ASCSU:
ASCSU is a great place for students looking to grow as leaders and find a supportive community. My first experience with ASCSU made me automatically want to get involved and become a member. Everyone I met was extremely welcoming and encouraging. Through my short time in ASCSU I have been challenged to grow as a leader and have experienced a tremendous amount of support from my co-workers. If you are worried about finding a place in ASCSU, don’t be. We have a wide variety of members and a wide variety of ways to contribute to our community. The ASCSU environment is unique to all organizations on this campus because of the vast opportunities available and the depth at which ASCSU explores the university.

If there are any issues with the application or interview process please contact me at: ascsu_rlt@mail.colostate.edu or the ASCSU front desk at: ascsu_front_desk@mail.colostate.edu.


Deputy Director of Campus Engagement
Hello! My name is Claire Fenton and I serve ASCSU as the Deputy Director of Campus Engagement and facilitate the Ram Leadership Team. I am a third year student with a dual degree in biomedical and mechanical engineering. This is my first year being a member of ASCSU and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity. My experience at CSU would not have been the same if I did not get engaged with various campus organizations. I am one of CSU’s biggest fans. I want to spread the love I have for CSU by helping other people get involved and feel more connected to our school.
I am incredibly delighted to work with the Ram Leadership Team and help the members learn more about ASCSU and the engagement opportunities available for students across campus. Through Ram Leadership Team I aspire to help all the members discover their leadership potential and connect with the CSU community. It is never too late to find ways to get engaged! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about Ram Leadership Team or how to get more involved on campus. My email is ascsu_rlt@mail.colostate.edu It’s a great year to be a Ram!