Christian Dykson

Speaker of the Senate

The Speaker of the Senate is the presiding officer of the ASCSU Senate. The speaker is the political and parliamentary leader of the Senate and is simultaneously the Senate’s presiding officer and the legislative’s administrative head. Speakers also perform various other administrative and procedural functions, such as: oversees the officers of the Senate, determining legislative business, and receives reports from the president.

Christian Dykson has been a familiar face inside and outside ASCSU, having served students in the Senate as the University Affairs Committee Chairman from 2019 – 2020, bringing to the floor countless pieces of legislation. Speaker of the Senate Dykson is a second-year student, earning his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a minor in Natural Resource Economics and Spanish. Understanding the role Speaker of the Senate Dykson stepped into, he remains steadfast to his core values to create an ecosystem inside the legislative bodies of love, dignity, and respect, where every student is valued, empowered, and heard.

Christian Dykson wants to thank you, the student body, by sending the personal message that he is proud, honored and humbled to address you officially as the 50th Speaker of the ASCSU Senate. As a cue to what Speaker of the Senate Dykson ran upon during his winning campaign, he realizes that if he doesn’t know you, your story, and your needs, then he can’t authentically and honestly serve you, which is why he is making outreach his primary emphasis for the 50th Senate. He looks forward to welcoming students to the movement his campaign started and working together as friends and allies.