Blake Alfred

Speaker of the Senate

The Speaker of the Senate is the most visible and authoritative spokesperson for ASCSU. They manage the business on the floor and navigate legislative rules, structuring ASCSU debates in a way that will advantage their legislative priorities. They also oversee everything from accounting to procurement for the Senate. Furthermore, the Speaker determines the ASCSU legislative agenda, in consultation with the public, committees, the president, and the Senate.

Hello, I'm Blake Alfred. He is a senior studying Journalism at Colorado State University. He got his start in student government first as an Associate Senator for the College of Liberal arts, then moved to Director of Marketing for the Executive Branch and now serves as the Speaker of the Senate, winning with a record number of votes cast in a CSU election. Working with both the Speaker's Office and the Senate Leadership, together we will foster a dynamic, efficient and inclusive environment within Senate. Every session is open to the public, so if you have anything you want to say so we can echo it to administration, please come every Wednesday at 6:30. Follow us on social media, @ascsusenate for more information and updates!




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