Campus traditions and general campus programming play an important role in the overall Belmont experience. The Office of Traditions & Programs (OTP) works to ensure that all students are aware and involved in campus traditions such as Homecoming, Fall Address, On-Campus Tailgating and more! CSU traditions become a part of a student’s overall Ram experience and provide cherished life-long memories. Additionally, OTP provides substantial campus-wide activities and programming that help build relationships and create opportunities for students to connect to the broader CSU community.

CSU On-Campus Tailgating

ASCSU has been trying to create a newly revitalized sense of community through tailgating home football games this year. The team over the past two years has drawn more spectators than in previous years, but there is still a desire for more students to come out and pack the pavement that leads to the gates of CSU’s home turf. At the forefront of this push is the Office of Traditions & Programs (OTP).

Organizations are the backbone of the tailgating experience for students. With a very involved campus, it was important to the people that put this all together to have the opportunity to invite groups to come out and socialize.

Though fraternities and sororities come to mind when thinking of social organizations, Director of Traditions & Programs, Will Sharpe, stressed that it is more than Fraternity and Sorority Life that contributes to the tailgating experience.

Whether a student has gone to every tailgate this year or could not even point out the Student Tailgating lot on a map, Sharpe has a request for every student on campus: show up.

“Come out to tailgates,” Sharpe said. “It helps our bargaining position when we are advocating on behalf of students if you all come out.”

CSU Alumni Association

The Office of Traditions & Programs (OTP) works with the Alumni Association. From events that celebrate Colorado State university, to career services and lifelong learning, the Alumni Association offers programs that keep you connected to the University and each other..

Contact the Office of Traditions & Programs

For questions and/or concerns related to events related to University traditions or alumni programs, please contact our current Director of Traditions & Programs.