Benton Roesler

University Affairs Committee Chairman

Benton Roesler is a fourth-year Chemistry major with minors in Ethnic Studies and Global Environmental Sustainability, and your Chair for the University Affairs Committee! Mr. Roesler deeply believes that our student government has the ability to change campus culture and benefit student life through legislation, which is why his biggest goal this year is to create new avenues for students to comment on, and assist in debating, writing, and amending legislation that goes through my committee and ASCSU as a whole. Mr. Roesler commits to you, the students of Colorado State University, that he will ensure every piece of legislation that comes through our committee is read thoughtfully, is engaged by meaningful conversation and debate, and that the voices of the students impacted by our legislation are given a seat at the table always. Please reach out if you have any questions, constructive criticisms, ideas for bills, or if you just want to have a one-on-one, he would love the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you.