Noah Schindler

48th Vice President of ASCSU

Noah Schindler is the 48th and current Vice President of ASCSU. The Vice President chairs the Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) as well as acting as the internal affairs and operations officer. The Vice President serves as the second-ranking representative of the association as well.

Noah Schindler is a junior studying corporate finance, investment analysis, and political science. Mr. Schindler works as an intern for a private wealth management group, controlling around 3/4 of a billion dollars, and coaches’ high school alpine ski racers when school is not in session. Mr. Schindler remains dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of student fees through President Hannah Taylor’s and his administrations’ marketing team.

Vice President Schindler, when not in the office, prefers to spend his free time skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or spending time with friends and family.

Vice President Noah Schindler remains grateful for the support of the students who elected him into office. He looks forward to working with the CSU students as together they seek to create real, effective change.