The Office of Environmental Affairs is responsible for facilitating discussions and actions focused on sustainability throughout Colorado State University to help mitigate the campus’ negative impact on the environment.

The Office of Environmental Affairs reviews and approves sustainability projects and campaigns, as been involved in a number of projects listed below,

  1.  Finalized getting a thin-film recycling receptacle on campus in the basement of the LSC.
  2.  A textile recycling project that includes working with Design and Merchandising Department, Student Sustainability Center, and Who Gives a Scrap to bring a textile recycling program to campus. The locations of the bin(s) will be located in the Gifford building.
  3.  Hosting “100% Renewable Electricity by 2030: Why and How” panel on 10/9/2019. Panelists representing CSU Facilities Management, student voices, Fort Collins City Council, New Belgium Brewing, the Sociology Department, and the CSU Energy Institute.
  4.  Acting as the student voice for the $100,000 Solar Array bill that passed May of 2019.
  5.  Creation of a new department, Waste Diversion, with the current Director being Maddie Blake as of 2019. The Director is tasked with continuing discussions and actions surrounding waste diversion on campus, working with the Zero Waste Team, and assisting in the planning of the Zero Waste Symposium.

Environmental Policy

CSU Zero Waste Team

The mission of the Zero Waste Team is to make sure that CSU’s organic waste no longer fills the Larimer County Landfill and to ensure that CSU is collecting clean compost and recycling streams. CSU has built it’s own composting facility at the foothills campus, where all organic waste diverted from here will be going. As a Zero Waste Team Member, you learn about the waste stream being produced at the games and how to properly sort it into bins, have the chance to teach attendees with waste sorting, and actively top sort at each location.


CSU Sustainability

At Colorado State University, sustainability is foundational to who we are. As a land-grant university, we’re compelled to steward, conserve, and protect the world around us. It’s central to everything we do – from academics, research, and operations to outreach. It’s an ongoing mission that we embrace together.

Contact the Office of Environmental Affairs

For questions and/or concerns related to CSU’s Zero Waste Team/Initiative or any issues/projects related to sustainability, please contact the current Director of Environmental Affairs.