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Elections Committee Application 2018

Background: Each spring, the Associated Students of Colorado State University – YOUR student government – hold annual ASCSU elections for President, Vice President, Speaker of the Senate and Senators. The elections are overseen by the ASCSU Elections Committee, which is made up of an Elections Manager, along with 8-12 members of the student body. The Elections Manager is appointed by the ASCSU President and Chief Justice; each of the Elections Committee Members are selected by the Elections Manager and ASCSU President, and must be approved by the ASCSU Senate. Membership applications are due on Monday, February 5, 2018 by 5PM at the front desk in the ASCSU office within the LSC, or by email to ASCSU_Elections@colostate.edu. Potential members will be asked to sign up for interviews upon submitting the application.

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Apply to be an Associate Justice!

Click to apply to become a new Associate Justice for the ASCSU Supreme Court! You will work with student conduct cases, internal ASCSU cases, and much more. Please email completed applications to Brittany Anderson at ASCSU_Supreme_Court@mail.colostate.edu

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Apply to be an SFRB Member!

Click to apply to be a voting member of the Student Fee Review Board! Applications are open until January 18, 2018 and due to Vice President Cole Wise by 5:00 p.m. Please email completed applications to ASCSU_Vice_President@Mail.Colostate.edu SFRB-Application-2017-2018 Final

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