The ASCSU Supreme Court strives for the fair and equal treatment of all students in their conduct proceedings at the University, whether those proceedings are through the office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services or through the Associated Students of Colorado State University. We are committed to creating a safe environment, promoting student success, and representing student interests in the CSU community. Secondly, the Court has judicial authority over ASCSU. This responsibility includes interpreting, upholding, and enforcing the ASCSU Constitution, acts of the ASCSU Senate, acts of other ASCSU boards and committees, and the bylaws of the ASCSU Supreme Court.


Chief Justice

Brittany Anderson

I first want to tell you all a little about me. When I was a Freshman I joined the Ram Leadership Team, which lead to me joining ASCSU. I have been apart of ASCSU for about three years now and I have loved every second of it. I love having the opportunity not to just work with students, but also to represent them as well. I want you all to know that the Supreme Court, or Judicial Branch, is here to support its students through a restorative process since we work within ASCSU and the Student Resolution Office. We are not here to be punitive or punish you simply because we all want to see you succeed here at Colorado State University. If any of you have any questions about the Judicial Branch feel free to email us or stop by the office to visit. I would love to meet you all. Go Rams!

For questions about the Supreme Court or ASCSU Judicial Process, email:

Deputy Chief Justice

Katt Crowdis

Associate Justice

Celine Wolff

Associate Justice

McKenzie Marsh

Student Resolution Center

“SRC aims to assist, educate and support CSU students through two processes: Conflict Resolution – voluntary, neutral, confidential process to assist students when conflicts, disputes or issues arise. and  Student Conduct – one-on-one meetings to discuss alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code, hear student perspectives, explore personal responsibility, hold students accountable and provide educational and restorative outcomes when appropriate.”

CSU Human Resource Services

The Student Resolution Center encourages students to gain awareness, knowledge, skills, and opportunities as they navigate challenges and make informed decisions. We promote safe, respectful and inclusive communities by valuing integrity, perspective-taking and personal responsibility.

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