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Make an Impact Today

We’ve been making an impact on campus since 1917. Our autonomy from the university means we have the independence to advocate for students without fear of interference. Whether it’s lobbying the state government for tuition cuts or ensuring that students have access to masks during periods of poor air quality, we have a track record of success in creating tangible change for fellow students.

“ASCSU challenged me more than any other undergraduate experience to push myself and be a better person. It is an organization that serves the common good of students and in doing so demands its members to rise up beyond themselves for the public good.”

Parker - Former ASCSU Executive Director

We are the ASCSU

The ASCSU has executives, senators, and justices advocating for a variety of causes that impact the student body. Fight for your community and policy positions by joining an office whose work aligns with your passions. Or, if you prefer, work with an appointed official and help improve the ASCSU’s internal operations.

“If there was ever a student organization to join it would be this one.”

Kevin - Former ASCSU President

Join the CSU Community

There are 90+ committees all across campus covering a wide variety of issues. Each committee is empowered with funding, university-level decision makers, and an opportunity to bring your ideas to life. Tell us about yourself and what opportunities you might be interested in.

Become a Senator

Interested in writing legislation or using your voice to provide input in making a change?

As a first-semester member, you’ll have the all the opportunities to participate in ASCSU, as well as getting equipped with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in ASCSU and beyond. There are countless opportunities for advancement and limitless options to build your path, such as getting elected to the Senate, chairing a board, making campus-wide decisions and much, much more.

“The only reason I came to college was to join this organization. Tuition is a small price to pay for the amount of fun you’ll have.”

Tristan - CSU Senior & Former ASCSU President

Become a Representative

Interested in joining ASCSU student government? We would be thrilled to work with you and we hope to hear your story. Fill out this form to clarify your hope for becoming engaged with student government.